We value the input of our community and supporters. Contact Us We value
self-care and social-emotional health.
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We value the health of our community. Contact Us We value our families and diverse community members. Contact Us We value community involvement. Contact Us

Empowering Communities.

Trinity Prevention Services partners with communities to provide prevention support.

Promoting Healthier Futures.

Our strategies produce long-term behavior change.

Healing Through Collaboration.

Our programs and support are always enlaced with a focus on health.

Trinity Prevention Services is an organization that is working to assist with the prevention support needed to address the concerns and behaviors of our youth and communities. Our programs are planned, implemented, and evaluated using the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) and CADCA’s Seven Strategies for Creating Effective Community Change. SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework is a dynamic, data-driven planning process that prevention practitioners can use to understand and more effectively address the substance abuse and related mental health problems facing their communities. CADCA’s Seven Strategies for Creating Effective Community Change can assist with identifying appropriate and timely action steps to include in a comprehensive action plan for strategy/Intervention implementation.

Trinity Prevention Services provides programs that interact effectively and respectfully while being responsive to the health beliefs, values, cultural practices, and linguistic needs of the people in diverse population groups. All of the curriculums that are facilitated by Trinity Prevention Services are evidence-based strategies that have shown to improve the overall outcomes for long-term behavior change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower communities to embrace healthier futures enlaced in health through education, training, community collaboration, cultural competency, and physical and emotional wellness for positive outcomes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a community partnership strengthened by prevention and health for all.

complete wellness

How are we Enlaced In Health?



Let’s get moving! Exercise can benefit overall health through weight reduction and increased cardiovascular health as well as increasing mental well-being and attitudes. The benefits of exercise can increase health outcomes at home, school, and at work.

Community Activities

We are here to provide prevention resources and services to our community but also to be a supporter of other community activities. Whether it is a health fair, cpr training, tabling event, panel discussion, or youth class, we are here to help!


Prevention Education

We provide prevention education for youth, parents, and families. Parents / Guardians are the first line of defense for most risky behaviors. Substance abuse / misuse, teen pregnancy, vape use / misuse, or cyberbullying, let’s talk about it!


We can train the trainers! Counselors, social workers, teachers, administrators, and community members are huge parts of our community. We offer support and education for the community in areas that affect the social-emotional behaviors of our youth.



It is important to address the concerns that may affect the entire body. We use self-care to look at the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the community we serve. Self-care resources can be provided to all clients upon request.

Community Support

The support of our community is important to the success of our programs and services. We value the community that we are members of and want to continue to strengthen the youth to become even more resilient and healthy.